About Us

He was a hunter by trade, but one who prized style above all else.
He'd wear the same out in the woods as he would strolling the city
streets - and somehow, he'd look just as slick as anyone.

Jez King was an icon of his time. In fact, he was timeless. And it’s high-time
his fashion came back into being.

There's something mighty about a denim getup. Inherently rugged, but with a rustic charm.
It fits the city; it fits the country - it suits anywhere, anytime.
If you're the kinda guy who can pull it off.

Jez was; I'm sure you can too.

Denim is about finding the highest quality materials, a fit that suits a shape,
the subtler shades of blue - even charcoal - to create one-of-a-kind looks.

Those who don't understand denim, don't appreciate true style;
those who know denim, realize that it's unique.
The day you discover denim is the day you enter into a secret society.

And one thing's for sure; no two types of denim are ever created equal.

Which is why I've spent so much time scouring for the best - the highest quality, the hardest wearing,
the most interesting colors. And I'm bringing them to you.

Let’s make Jez proud.